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45 years of knowledge & insight

Established in 1978, Otterdene Ltd is a highly reputable business founded on the principles of honesty and integrity. With decades of experience behind us we have a tremendous wealth of knowledge and understanding of the tourist trade. We remain committed to our company principles and to giving every one of our customers the highest level of service.

Global sourcing & importing

Otterdene are constantly on the lookout for new, exciting lines to expand our wide-range product portfolio. Our aim is to offer our customers something fresh all the time, this couldn't be done without the global sourcing and importing that our buying team invest so much time into. We stock around 3000 lines and are consistently introducing new ones.

Otterdene's own exclusive brands

When it comes to products, we offer something different, something quality and something which stands out amongst the many. Our exclusive brands are our main focus going forward and we are continuing to develop and build-on these all the time. The brands are all highly recognised and allow our customers to offer something unique. 

Meet the Otterdene Team

Each and every member at Otterdene is crucial to the service we provide our customers with every day. Teamwork and a shared vision allows us to offer consistency to our customers and give them the exceptional experience that they deserve. Meet a few of the team below…

Dennis Parson
Dennis Parson Founder / Director
Amos Parson
Amos Parson Business Development
Phil Parson
Phil Parson Sales Director
Nicola Honey
Nicola Honey Sales, Customer Service
Craig Ellis
Craig Ellis Area Sales Manager
Jeremy Bell
Jeremy Bell Operations Manager
Lemuel Read
Lemuel Read Purchasing
Andy Parson
Andy Parson Purchasing Director
Lorita Read
Lorita Read Sales, Customer Service
Roger Parson
Roger Parson Director
Frances Mortimer
Frances Mortimer Operations Admin
Rylan Parson
Rylan Parson Sales
Oakley Parson
Oakley Parson Sales
Tim Parson
Tim Parson Finance Director
Phil Saunders
Phil Saunders Operations
Zach Parson
Zach Parson Sales
Chet Bell
Chet Bell Purchasing
Zac McMurray
Zac McMurray Operations
Camellia Parson
Camellia Parson Marketing
Michal Jozefiak
Michal Jozefiak Operations
Coralie Besley
Coralie Besley Marketing
Ian Pavey
Ian Pavey H&S, Fleet Management
Zoe Patmore
Zoe Patmore Finance Admin
Rachel Ham
Rachel Ham Accounts